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Technical Information
Hints and Tips for Caravan and Motorhome Maintenance and Repairs

Preparing your caravan/motorhome for winter - a few helpful hints and tips to keep your motorhome and caravans free from frost damage this winter.


Drain down the water systems

Truma Ultrastore drain: Lift the yellow tap up (this is located under a bench seat or inside the wardrobe in a motorhome)

Carver cascade drain: Older caravans have a bung to unscrew on the outside (bottom left)


Remember taps cost in excess of £60+

Open all the taps up and level in a central position

Insulating them with a tea towel will keep them cozy all winter


Showers and Toilets

Remove the shower hose and head
Drain down the toilet flush tank
On the newer style Thetford toilet, arrow A is the drain pipe
On the older style toilet, the drain pipe is located in the same area, this is a grey bung rather than a pipe.



Cover the cassette with a towel to catch any drips. Make a funnel/slide for the water to escape the cupboard.


Onboard Pump and Filter
Insulating the pump with a tea towel will keep them cozy all winter
Remove the filter completely. These are prone to frost damage and cost approx £10+


This has been posted with the intention of helping to prevent frost damage. No liability or responsibility can be taken for any damage caused following on from this.


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